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Selecting the right convex mirror

Internal or External Convex Mirror:

Internal Convex Mirror:

Our internal convex mirrors have a smart finish on them to look smarter within an indoor environment.

Our range of internal safety mirror are a ideal solution for blind spots in offices and factories. Protect pedestrians and vehicles alike whilst going round sharp corners

They also make great security mirrors.  Theft of stock is an unwelcome threat, so give thieves another deterrent with increased surveillance. Designed to help monitor those products that may normally be obstructed from view.

External Convex Mirror:

Ideal for outside, our external convex mirrors feature stronger brackets capable of tolerating windy conditions and visor to minimize sun glare.  They are a safety orange colour for visibility.  

Selecting the right size of mirror is important. The table below gives a good indication to the viewing distances each mirror is suited for.

Mirror Size:

Work out your combined viewing distance by adding the distance from the viewer to the mirror and the distance from the mirror to the object/person to be viewed (see adjacent image).

Match this distance with the chart below to obtain the right size mirror for your application. If in doubt, always choose the larger size mirror.

Mirror Size
 Combined Viewing Distance
300mm 0 - 8 Metres
450mm 0 - 12 Metres
600mm 0 - 20 Metres
800mm 0 - 30 Metres

These distances are subjective and based on a number of factors.