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Selecting the right barrier

We have large a range of expandable barriers and retractable barriers and bollards, ideal for offices, warehouses and factories. Anywhere that you need to restrict access to areas.

Wall mount retractable barriers:

First of all work out what length or belt you need, this will help determine your options.

Secondly assess what type of environment the barrier will be going into.

If they are going into high demand areas such as warehouses or outside we would recommend that you look at the RSR Series of Retractable Barriers as they are the most sturdy of the barriers and designed for harsher environments.

These barriers also have a range of belt colours and wall fixings.

If the barrier is not going into a busy environment, perhaps look at the Plastic Wall Mount Barriers with either a 5 metre or 9 metre black/yellow belt.

Free standing barriers:

If you need a more solid physical barrier to an area, you could look at the custom made barriers (free standing or wall mounted).  These are available in 3  different heights.

If you need something that is much lighter and can be easily moved around, then have a look at the plastic expanding barrier.  These are great for events.