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Premium Internal Convex Mirrors


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These New Zealand made convex mirrors are an ideal solution for blind spots in offices and factories. Protect pedestrians and vehicles alike whilst going round sharp corners.

This versatile standard indoor mirror will adjust to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight.  Manufactured from impact resistant acrylic, this mirror can be positioned to see around corners, aisles and partitions.

Ideal for store security, safety in warehouses, hospitals and any other situation where blind spots are present.


Selecting the right size of mirror is important. The table below gives a good indication to the viewing distances each mirror is suited for. Work out your combined viewing distance by adding the distance from the viewer to the mirror and the distance from the mirror to the object/person to be viewed (see above image).  Match this distance with the chart below to obtain the right size mirror for your application. If in doubt, always choose the larger size mirror.

Viewing Distance: To get the viewing distance, add the distance from the Viewer to the mirror and then from the object/area you need to see.  (See included diagram in the images).  Then refer to the chart below:

Viewing Distance Mirror Diameter
Bracket Length Mounting Plate
Up to 5 Metres 300mm 250mm
Up to 7 Metres 450mm 250mm 80x40x5mm
Up to 10 Metres 600mm 360mm 80x40x5mm
Up to 13 Metres 760mm 360mm 80x40x5mm
Up to 18 Metres 900mm 435mm 200x100x5mm
Up to 23 Metres 1200mm 435mm 200x100x5mm
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